5 Post-KidMin Conference To-Do’s

September 30, 2014 — 6 Comments


I was delighted to attend Group’s KidMin Conference in Columbus, Ohio again this year.  This is the only national conference that I attend each year and I absolutely love it!  I always find the worship, the teaching, the interactive workshops and the connections made to be re-energizing to my soul.

I was blessed to have my daughter, husband, son, and mom (who's not pictured) join me for this trip.

I was blessed to have my daughter, husband, son, and mom (who’s not pictured) join me for this trip.


Today I want to speak to post-conference to-do’s (I will post notes soon).  So many times after a power-packed conference, we leave fired up, ready to take on the world with our new-found tips, resources and ideas.  But then life happens…our intentions are good…but we never put a plan into place.  I’d like to help you do that, along with offering a few other helpful tips.

Processing KidMin 2014

  • Take a deep breath and just rest.  If you’re like me, you went full-steam ahead in Ohio.  Take a day (or two) to unwind and rest your brain and your body if you can.  A rested mind is a mind that can think and process more clearly.
  • Ask God to help you discern what next steps you should take based on what you’ve seen and heard.  What were the key points you jotted down?  List a few practical next steps you’d like to implement within a practical time frame and pray about any people who could help you take those next steps.  Post those next steps in a visible place – keep the vision ahead of you!
  • Write up a summary of what you learned and present it to your team/volunteers/supervisor.  Explain why the conference was beneficial, a few highlights of what you learned and your next steps.
  • Keep in touch with those you connected with at the conference.  Do this regularly by phone, email and/or social media.  Don’t lose those connections – we need each other!
  • Finally, register for KidMin 2015!  It will be held in Chicago – one of my favorite cities!  Find details here.


Keep the conversation going!  Tell me about your conference highlights and your next steps in the comment section below!

Check out what’s being said about the KidMin Conference on Facebook here and here & on Twitter here.   


6 responses to 5 Post-KidMin Conference To-Do’s


    Great Tips! So glad to have met you and sat with you during one of the sessions…See, I DO read this! 🙂


    V PRADEEP WYCLIFFE October 1, 2014 at 9:35 am

    Please let me know more about Kid Min Conference in 2015, 25th to 28th September at Chichago . I am minstering through TEACH THE CHILD MINISTRIES here in INDIA my emal : tcmpradeepap@yahoo.com


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