Mother’s Day

May 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

This past Mother’s Day was special for so many reasons. Here are a few highlights:

The morning began with a handmade photo collage given to me by my daughter, Kennedy.  The collage was a mix of pictures of her as a baby and as a teen; many of the pictures were of the two of us.  It is one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received.  My son, Daniel, gave me a Starbucks gift card.  He really knows how to speak my language (hint, hint).

Once we arrived at church, we did last-minute prep for the busy morning ahead.  Because there were six (6) children being baptized, we presented each child with a handmade prayer shawl (I’ll share the back story on this in another post – it’s a really cool story!)  In addition, we had our elementary children join us in the Worship Center during the baptisms.  Not only did they witness the baptisms, they were able to accept the charge given by our Senior Pastor to be a good example to the children being baptized and doing their best to help them know and follow Jesus.  It was such a special thing to have the children join us for this special milestone event.

I should also mention that our Senior Pastor’s sermon talked about the importance of Children’s Ministry in our church and following through on the commitment during baptisms and dedications to help parents raise their children to know and love God. It was a very compelling sermon, encouraging people to get involved and serve in Children’s Ministry.  While Pastor John was speaking, photos scrolled through on the screens of our volunteers and ministry in action.  It all tied in together so beautifully. We were even blessed to meet people moved by the Pastor’s words who signed up to serve in our ministry!

Also, we had a mini recruiting campaign that asked for a few good men to sign up to serve in our ministry as a Mother’s Day gift to the moms.  Well, we wanted to give a small token of appreciation to the men who signed up.  Here’s a pic of what we offered them:

We filled a plastic tumbler with individually-wrapped Lifesavers candies and then tied on a gift tag with curling ribbon.  A simple gift that all of the men appreciated – some even cracked it open before leaving the building!

After such a wonderful day at church, our family gathered together and enjoyed good food, fun (including games with a cash prize!) and fellowship – and a few gifts.

Overall, it was a great Mother’s Day from beginning to end.  I’m so thankful.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?



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