Preparing for Lent

March 3, 2014 — 1 Comment

Lent begins in a few days, on Ash Wednesday (March 5th).  Lent, the 40-day period before Easter, is when we mark the time Jesus was sent into the wilderness.  While there, He prayed and prepared for what was ahead of Him.  Likewise, the season of Lent can be presented to children (and families) as a time to pause, pray and prepare for what lies ahead of us.

We have been busy getting things ready for our children and families.  Here is what our plan looks like:

Family Devotional

Each year, we provide family devotionals for Lent.  In the past, we have provided one devotional for preschool families, one devotional for younger elementary families and one devotional for preteens.  What we discovered, however, is that most families gravitated to the preschool devotional so this year we scaled back and provided the same devotional for ALL families.

Many, many families preferred the preschool devotional because it had:

(1) a daily reading – our families mentioned that having a weekly reading vs a daily reading didn’t have the same effect.

(2) a simple prayer

(3) a progressive craft/activity.  Having a visual was very appealing, especially for preschoolers and early elementary children.

This year, we selected this devotional (and it’s corresponding mobile) for our families.

Ash Wednesday Service

We will provide childcare for our evening Ash Wednesday service.

Communion Class

We will offer a 3-week Communion class for 2nd-5th Graders and their parents.  The class will help children understand what Communion is and why we partake.  They will also be given a chance to ‘practice’ Communion and meet with an Elder to ensure they understand the information they have received.  They will take their First Communion on Sunday, April 6th.

Family Easter Egg Hunt

Planning is underway for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  We are looking to add a few new elements to the free family event this year.  I am excited to see it all come together!

Palm Sunday Prep

We ordered palms for Palm Sunday.  We’re thinking of having the children parade this year.


If you are looking for ideas for your ministry, here are a few suggestions:

Children’s Ministry Deals – curriculum, free downloads and games

Kidology – lessons, games, object lessons, idea forums

What’s in the Bible? – resources for parents

Worship House Kids – music, countdowns, videos

Guildcraft – art & craft ideas

**Be sure to also check out my Lent/Easter Pinterest board for additional ideas.

If you are looking for ideas for your own spiritual growth during Lent, here are a few suggestions:

Bible Gateway – a variety of devotion options provided

Margaret Feinberg’s Lent Challenge – read the New Testament in 40 days

How is your ministry preparing for Lent?  How will you feed your soul during Lent?  Share your ideas below!


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