Get the Wiggles Out! Parachute Play in KidMin

February 18, 2014 — Leave a comment
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I made the preschool teachers in our kidmin very happy this past Sunday when I let them know that I had ordered a play item for each of their classrooms – parachutes!  In fact, I ordered them because one of our volunteers asked me to a few weeks prior – and that was a very simple request to fulfill!

I ordered two different sizes, both from Oriental Trading.  We ordered this one for our 2-yr olds and this one for our 3-5-yr olds.

I gave my volunteers a few suggestions on how to use the parachutes and I thought I’d post them here as well:

  • When you raise the parachute, call two names, have the children run under the parachute and exchange spots.
  • Have the children repeat the Bible verse or main point while bouncing a soft ball on the parachute.
  • Use the parachute as a tent to sit in while telling the Bible story.
  • Speaking of the Bible story – have the children act out the ‘water’ in water-themed Bible stories.
  • Call two names at a time and have them run under the parachute and change places.

For additional ideas, check out Tony Kummer’s post over at ministry-to-children.

How do you incorporate parachute play into your ministry?


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