Dear Student Leader

January 15, 2014 — 4 Comments

One of our adult leaders called me last week to let me know what a fabulous job the student leader working with her was doing.  So, I wanted to acknowledge the student leader’s service with a personal note.  Here’s an edited version of what I wrote:

Dear [Student Leader},

I wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to have you serve as a student leader in [Children’s Ministry].  I’ve heard how great you are with the children – how you welcome them, help them get settled, how you make them laugh and how helpful you are to [the adult in charge].

Keep up the good work.  Serving as a student leader is a big responsibility.  When children come to church, it is our opportunity to share God’s love with them.  That opportunity is a gift from God, one that is very important and one that we must take very seriously.  

You are doing a fabulous job of sharing Jesus with the [children] and we are blessed to have you on our team.  You are awesome!


Miss Kathie

Do you have students serving in your ministry?  How can you encourage them this week?


4 responses to Dear Student Leader


    I love how much practical wisdom you have as well as Spiritual wisdom. You’re a fierce leader. I pray that God would continue to enlarge your borders.



    This is great. It’s good to be reminded of the many ways we need to encourage one another. Thanks for sharing!


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