KidMin Conference 2013 – Day Two Notes

October 15, 2013 — 4 Comments

Day 2 of the Group KidMin Conference did not disappoint!

Saturday Morning – General Session

The session’s keynote was delivered by Larry Acosta, founder of the Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) and co-founder of KIDWORKS.

Larry energized the group by tossing candy into the audience.  He tossed Hershey Kisses from kids who are thankful for our ministry but are unable to articulate it.  He tossed Pay Day bars to unpaid leaders.  He tossed LifeSavers because of our impact.  He tossed Starburst because we’re the hands and feet of Jesus.

He also inspired us to think   Here are a few highlights:

*Who impacted your life and helped you get where you are today?

*There are stories behind the faces of every child in your ministry.

*What you do matters in the kingdom.  All the tears of joy and frustration, the early mornings and late nights – it all matters!

*Stretch your vision to include what God has planned for the kids under your influence.

*The Gospel still changes lives.

*Keep writing the future – it matters!

*Look beyond their skin color, clothes, their ability to sit still and pay attention.  What’s the story behind the kids?  Be relational beyond the classroom.  The relational investment you make changes everything.

*Speak life, vision and hope in children’s lives.  Tell them what you see – don’t assume they’re hearing it at home.

*Believe in, bless and affirm kids like crazy!

Saturday Morning – Workshop (Building a Volunteer Team: Enlisting Your Team by Dale Hudson)

This year, I felt that I really needed additional training in the volunteer department, so most of my workshops revolved around this topic.  I was excited to take Dale Hudson’s workshop because I read his blog (Relevant Children’s Ministry) and his ideas are fantastic.  You can read and download my typed notes here:  Enlisting a Volunteer Team Workshop Notes

Update:  One of the activities we completed was to design a recruiting poster with the people at our table.  Dale blogged about this and included photos of each poster. (My group’s is the 11th one down from the top.)  Check out his blog here.

Saturday Afternoon – Workshop (Building a Volunteer Team:  Equipping Your Team by Dale Hudson)

I was so excited about Dale’s four-part workshop that I actually sat in on this workshop by accident.  But I did get something out of it.  You can read and download my typed notes here:  Equipping a Volunteer Team Workshop Notes

Saturday Night General Session – Craig and Mary Jutila

Craig and Mary talked about how their marriage struggled – and was later re-strengthened – as a result of being Craig’s ministry workaholic tendencies.  I was too engaged to take notes but it was awesome and really helped me to put into perspective the need for me to be intentional about a work-family balance.

Day 2 was awesome!

Were you at the conference?  What struck you on Day 2?


4 responses to KidMin Conference 2013 – Day Two Notes


    Thanks so much for the detailed notes from the sessions I couldn’t attend. Definitely information I can use. Have a great week!



    Thanks so much for including your notes for the sessions I couldn’t attend. Have a great week!



    Sounds like it was a grand time. So glad God used the workshops and the speakers to give you wisdom on the various situations you (and others) encounter as a CM Director. I know the workshops you led departed God’s wisdom, too. Praise God for a week well spent. Let us know how you apply what you’ve learned.


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