Volunteer Information Packet Must-Haves

January 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

When volunteers join our ministry, they are given a packet of useful information to provide insight into our ministry’s policies and procedures. The packet is usually distributed at our volunteer training but occasionally a volunteer will join our ministry mid-year. That’s why we always have packets ready to go.

Our volunteer packets are usually a colored 2-pocket folder (without the 3 prongs): green (for our elementary ministry) and blue (for our preteen ministry). Here’s what’s found inside:

Left Side of the Folder

  • Children’s Ministry Pocket Guide to Discipline (published by Group)
  • Children’s Ministry Pocket Guide to Special Needs (also published by Group)
  • Leading a Child to Christ pamphlet (available through Lifeway)
  • Our ministry handbook*
  • Age-level characteristics information sheet

Right Side of the Folder

  • “Your Favorite Things” information sheet (a pdf copy is available under the “Leader Resources” tab)
  • “What You Do Matters” poster
  • Morning-at-a-Glance (schedule)
  • Lesson Schedule for the Quarter
  • Class List
  • Sub Contact List
  • Resource Closet Supply List

Providing these packets have helped ensure that our volunteers are not only informed but equipped to serve.

*If you would like to see our ministry handbook, please email me at kidminspiration@gmail.com.

Do you provide information packets to your volunteers? If so, what do you include?


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