Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room: Activities for Children

December 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

“Let every heart prepare Him room…”

Last week, I introduced our Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room series, posts dedicated to Christmas reflections.  Starting today, and continuing on each Monday through Christmas, we’ll look at different ways that you can make room for Jesus this Christmas.  Today’s guest post is written by Jeanna Bruce-Wilson, owner of Splendid Events Project by Jeanna.  You can visit her website here.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Inn,

Not a baby was crying, not even a grin.

As baby Jesus’ parents arrived after long travel,

Little do they know all that was to unravel.

The Inn Keeper explained there was no more room.

What were Mary and Joseph going to do with the baby in her womb?

A stable in the back was available with hay.

The excited parents were grateful as they began to pray.

Three wise men followed a star that led them to the Prince of Peace.

All night they walked with gifts and walked far without cease.

Just as they showed up, our Savior Jesus Christ the Lord was here on earth.

For many years to come we recognize Christmas as the reason we celebrate his birth.

Isn’t it amazing how children retell the story of Jesus’ birth? It wasn’t until this year that my 5 year-old daughter thought that our Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ, was forever a baby. Little did she know that He grew into a man who performed many miracles, forgave many (and still forgives to this day), showed remarkable acts of kindness and gave His life on our behalf so that one day we can join Him in heaven. This time of year is about so much more then bringing and receiving gifts; it’s a time to reflect on the most blessed time that started our journey with experiencing Jesus in every area of our lives.

As an event creator, I desire to use my God-given talents, gifts and spiritual gifts to bring glory to His name.  I’d like to share three great ideas that you can do at home with your children ages 4-18.  These ideas can also be used in your church or school classroom to enhance their knowledge of Jesus’ Birthday. Get ready—it’s time to celebrate!


Pin the Baby in the Manger (For children ages 4 to 8)

This game is modeled after a popular game played at most children’s birthday parties.  Does “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” sound familiar?  Well how about “Pin the Baby in the Manger”? Here’s how you play:

  1. Create a manger out of poster board.  (You can draw hay or get extra creative by cutting strips of colored construction paper and gluing it onto the poster board).
  2. Next take large popsicle sticks and place them strategically in the shape of a feeding trough to represent Jesus’ bed.
  3. Don’t forget about the baby Jesus! Locate a black and white picture on the internet. Print off the number of copies needed for each child and have them color and cut out baby Jesus. This allows for each child to use his or her imagination about what they believe He looked like and also makes it easy for each picture to be differentiated once pinned to the board!
  4. Break out the blind fold and see who can get baby Jesus closest to his bed!

12 Days of Birthday Gifts (For children ages 9-13)

Throughout your child’s Sunday school years and also what has been reinforced at home, many stories told throughout the bible tell of Jesus healing the sick, helping the poor and befriending the friendless. Each night at dinner or bedtime, have your child recount a story in the bible and ask them what gift they would give to God to aid him in accomplishing his many great deeds.

For example, in the story about Jesus healing the blind man, ask your child what gift they would give God to aid him in making that possible, knowing the things that are available today. Your child might respond by saying medicine or even eye glasses. Help your child mentally visualize a place where they are giving for 12 days and not only looking or talking about receiving. By doing so, you’ll strengthen their bible knowledge as well as their relationship with you.

Journal Joys (ages 13+)

Keeping a journal in high school is almost a must! How cool would it be for your teen to keep a journal filled with things that keep them in good spirits around the Christmas holiday and reminds them of how much God loves them? This is an activity that actually can be carried into their adult years because it never gets old. As you read back from year to year of what they were thankful for about that particular Christmas, you’ll see how much your child has grown emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You, too, can take part in this activity by writing a few lines in the morning while they are in school so they can read it when they arrive home. It’s a great way of constant connection and to re-emphasize how much their walk with the Lord brings you so much joy.

We here at Splendid Events Project by Jeanna want you to have the most wonderful Christmas experience yet. Open up doors for those both in and out of your life that have a hurting heart or spirit, just as God has opened His arms to us to receive His precious Son who was born to be our Savior.

Merry Christmas and have an awesome New Year!


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