All-Inclusive Recruiting: 16 “Outside the Box” Volunteer Positions

October 18, 2012 — 1 Comment

As leaders, we spend a lot of time recruiting for weekend programming–teachers, assistant teachers, greeters, techies, worship leaders, ushers, just to name a few.  As important and valuable as these roles are, not everyone is gifted or available to serve in our ministries on the weekends.

It’s important to remember to make our ministries all-inclusive, meaning that we seek to include volunteers who might be able to serve in capacities outside of the weekend that would greatly benefit your ministry.  These opportunities might be a great way to incorporate more teens and college students, stay-at-home parents, working parents, grandparents and older members of your church into your ministry without a weekly commitment.  Here are 16 ways that you can think outside of the box when recruiting:

1.  Artists can help design and build sets or make-over your classroom.

2.  Sorters can sort curriculum, take-home pages, parent resources, worship bulletins, crayons, etc.  They could also sort and discard broken crayons, dried out markers and glue sticks, etc.

3.  Re-stockers can use a check-list to restock classroom supplies that are used each week.

4.  Technology lovers can keep your ministry’s social media sites up-to-date.  They might also be able to help you design cool power point presentations for worship or other uses.

5.  Social butterflies can make reminder calls to volunteers and recruit volunteers for your events.

6.  Those who love to cook can cook or bake for events.

7.  Readers might love to edit your digital curriculum.

8.  Decorators can plan and set up for events with a keen eye to details.

9.  Those who love to shop can purchase snacks and other supplies.

10.  Marketers can brainstorm ideas to help you effectively publicize your events.

11.  Writers can send cards to your children and volunteers.

12.  Crafty folks can help prepare crafts by cutting out shapes, patterns or templates.  They can also sew costumes and help make props.

13.  Trainers or skilled professionals can come in to lead training for your volunteers or staff.

14.  Surveyors can look into and evaluate curriculum options, Bibles, books and other resources.

15.  Organizers can help organize your resource room/craft closet and classroom cupboards.

16.  Researchers can help you find that perfect craft or object lesson, a great ice-breaker for your next volunteer meeting or an active and messy game that your 5th grade boys would love.

One of our jobs as leaders is to help those in the body find their place.  Be sure that your ministry is all-inclusive!  Think outside of the box!

Let me know what you would add to the list!

One response to All-Inclusive Recruiting: 16 “Outside the Box” Volunteer Positions


    Great ideas. Sometimes we forget that people have all kinds of gifts and we can use help in all kinds of areas (not just teaching!)


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