What I Learned From NOT Attending the KidMin Conference

October 1, 2012 — 2 Comments

Many of my ministry colleagues are returning home today after five days in Chicago for Group’s KidMin 2012 Conference.  I was heartbroken that I had to cancel my registration at the last-minute, as I thoroughly enjoyed attending last year.

As I reflect on the “conference that wasn’t”, my mind was flooded with things that I learned as a result of NOT attending the conference.  Here’s the shortlist:

  1. Pouting and sulking are for toddlers and preschoolers, not a grown woman.
  2. Disappointment is a part of life.  It just is.
  3. Being green with envy is NOT a good look for me.
  4. Limiting my time on social media during the conference was a good thing.  (Refer back to #3.)
  5. Getting a nasty head cold the day before I was scheduled to leave for the conference was no accident.  I spent much of the weekend in bed with a box of Kleenex and hot tea.  God knew that I’d much rather be at home sick than in a beautiful hotel with thousands of KidMin leaders enjoying the conference without me.  And–I can be a wee bit grumpy when I’m sick. 🙂
  6. Interstate love is palpable.  A few of my ministry colleagues actually said that they missed me being there!  That makes a girl feel so special!

The bottom line is that we all have disappointments.  It’s how we deal with them that show what we’re made of.  And I was reminded just how tough I am.  Besides..if God wills, there’s always next year!


2 responses to What I Learned From NOT Attending the KidMin Conference


    I love your attitude! Your joy is an encouragement to others!!


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