Don’t forget to smile!

August 1, 2012 — 4 Comments

Sometimes, children and families who walk through the doors of our church walk in carrying heavy burdens.  Marriage issues, family dynamics, and financial pressures can take a toll on those we serve each week.  While we cannot always lift those burdens, there is one very easy way that we can bring them a little joy:  SMILE!

Genesis 33 tells the story of Jacob and Esau reconciling after Jacob stole Esau’s birthright (see Genesis 27).  Upon their meeting, Jacob says to his brother, “..what a relief it is to see your friendly smile.  It is like seeing the smile of God!” (Genesis 33:10)

Someone might see God through your smile this week.  So go ahead and SMILE!


4 responses to Don’t forget to smile!


    A smile goes a long way to healing.



    A smile goes a long way.



    It sure is. We never know the power of a smile.



    Its true. A smile is a healing balm.


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